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Hound Street's 1st Birthday Adventure

Hound Street Boutique celebrated its first birthday with some fairly big news - we now have our very own retail space in a local mall!

At the end of June, Jeff and Dawn of Moon Dust Farms invited Hound Street Boutique and a variety of other local handmade vendors to join in their grand new adventure opening a retail store at Power Square Mall.

Moon Dust Farms

Power Square Mall is a former outlet mall that was sitting nearly empty for the past few years. With the growing interest in shopping local, vintage, and handmade, the mall has seen a rebirth as a vintage and handmade mall. It is now nearly full and is seeing growing traffic as word is spreading that the mall is full of stores with beautiful handmade and vintage treasures that are unique, quality items you can't find at local big-box stores.

The local news stations have done quite a few stories on the mall's transformation. ABC 15 did a story on how Jeff and Dawn of Moon Dust Farms, where Hound Street Boutique is located, decided to open up a shop in the mall.

It's taken some time to build up stock, but I'm happy to say that all my products are now at my retail location. While I may not yet have all the breeds that I can embroider on my towels in stock there yet, we have plans to further build out shelves on my display to carry a wide selection of all my designs there for (hopefully!) one-stop shopping.

Hound Street Boutique retail display at Power Square Mall

Shop Monday through Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 12-5.

Domestic orders over $50 always ship free. 

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