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Dog owners know that good paw protection that is comfortable for dogs to wear is hard to find -- I am so excited I found it for my dogs! My dogs wear Dog Mocs, and we all love them. Dog Mocs are handcrafted in the USA from 100% deerskin, which is soft and durable. It protects dogs' paws from extreme temperatures and rough terrain, while still being soft enough to let them feel the ground and retain their sense of touch. Best yet, they don't fall off!

I sell Dog Mocs locally inside my retail space at Moon Dust Farms - 58 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ. Moon Dust Farms is a dog friendly boutique so you can bring your dog to try on a pair first to make sure you get the best size. I also sell them at select dog-friendly events. I post most of my events on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and you are welcome to contact me to check if I will be selling them at a particular event.

I do not sell them online at this time.

Domestic orders over $50 always ship free. 

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