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Oops! Trouble Kitty miscalculated again. Maybe next time, Trouble Kitty!
Trouble Kitty is obsessed with heights and perching on spots that he can just barely fit on. He just doesn't always make it there the first time. He is approximately 10" horizontally at his widest points and 17" vertically.
Trouble Kitty is part of our original collection of Whiskers Bailey door ornaments. These frisky felines like to hang out on shelves, window sills or window frames, on top of door frames, on fireplace mantles, or anywhere they can find a suitable perch. 
Each cat in our line of metal wall/shelf cats begins with the original artwork of my husband, Mike. He creates each cat out of flat steel which he bends and welds into shape to create their whimsical, mischievous, and sometimes saucy shapes.

Trouble Kitty

  • Each metal cat comes complete with instructions and hardware for securing it to your chosen location. Each cat has one or more holes drilled into the bottom so that it can be secured safely to prevent injury. Hound Street Boutique is not responsible for any injury resulting from failure to install your metal cat securely.

Domestic orders over $50 always ship free. 

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