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Welcome! I think introductions are in order...

Welcome to Hound Street! I'm so excited to introduce you to what I hope becomes one of your favorite new resources for unique, handmade items that you and your fur-family will love, treasure, and share with others.

I'd like to first introduce myself. I'm Barbara, the owner of Hound Street Boutique and "mom" to two greyhounds, Olivia and Chloe. The time I spend with my girls are a large part of the "why" behind Hound Street. I love to spend time with my girls, and I know that you, too, love spending time with your furkids. They bring us joy and give us so much unconditional love. Is it any surprise that we like to spoil them and show them love, too?

I also love to sew and embroider on my what I create. The more I became involved in the handmade and creative world, the more I loved it. Hound Street Boutique is a melding to these two loves of mine - my family and my love to make and create. I hope that you, too, can find something here that makes you smile, that you can find joy in using and sharing with others.

Domestic orders over $50 always ship free. 

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