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New At Hound Street Boutique - Collars!

As a dog mom myself, I'm always on the look-out for great, handmade dog products that I can use and enjoy myself and share with my friends, followers, and customers.

Heidi's Houndwear Collars

One of the things I love about attending handmade vendor events is that I get to meet so many other like-minded people - people who love to make beautiful, unique - and above all - quality items that you just can't find at large big-box stores. One of these people is my friend Heidi from Heidi's Houndwear. I first met Heidi at the Gilbert Art Walk in Gilbert, AZ, and one of the things that really impressed me (beside her beautiful, eye-catching collars) was that her teenage daughters were there with her. They are not mere helpers, but they are members of the team that make up Heidi's Houndwear. I love seeing moms and dads passing on the tradition, craft, and love of handmade!

So many people have asked me if I made collars, and while I have made collars for my own girls, adding my own line of collars to Hound Street Boutique is simply an impossiblity. (I'm sure I'm not alone is having a "to do" list that does not match the reality of the 24 hour day, right?) So I am happy to share Heidi's collars with you. If you are local to the Phoenix area, you can purchase her collars inside the store Moon Dust Farms where I have a permanent booth set up. Or you can purchase her collars online on her Etsy shop Heidi's Houndwear or her personal website - also Heidi's Houndwear. (FYI, I do not receive any commission from sales made from these links. Also, these collars are not available for purchase on this website.)

Moon Dust Farms is located inside Power Square Mall at 2055 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209. Moon Dust Farms hours are 10-5 Monday thru Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. You can also shop for my bandanas, towels, and dog walking bags, as well as items from many other handmade vendors.

Domestic orders over $50 always ship free. 

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